Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Middle class" fantasy bullshit

The politicians, be it Mr Change or Mr Roboto are ALWAYS pandering to the Middle Class™. They are always talking about "creating enough jobs" for The Middle Class™. They are ALWAYS pledging to support The Middle Class™. They are ALWAYS talking about how terrible it is right now for the The Middle Class™. That Middle Class™ is one important class, lemme tell ya. And they are right of course. In basic 20th century "Capitalism" it is the Middle Class™ that pays the most taxes and consumes all the manufactured junk thus creating both profit for the corporations AND taxes for government(both state and Federal). In short, without The Middle Class™ "Capitalism" as we know it won't exist. Problem is, The Middle Class™ is fast becoming an engendered species in both USA and Europe. So what to do and how to save the so important Middle Class™??? Well, can The Middle Class™ actually be saved from extinction? Let's begin by looking at the history of The Middle Class™. As a matter of fact, The Middle Class™ is a rather recent phenomenon. It began to appear in the late 1940s 1950s, right after WWII. So, they have only been around for one generation, really. That's only a few seconds of the total recorded Humanity's time. Kinda surprising I know, but the truth is often unpleasant. Well, with the world economy undergoing drastic changes, why shouldn't the class system change too? Maybe the passing of The Middle Class™ is also a completely natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped and altered no matter how much the politicians are pandering and lying through their teeth. Maybe The Middle Class™ is actually a fluke, an aberration, destined to disappear faster than we can say Middle Class™. I been thinking along this lines for a while. Not surprisingly, I read 2 articles yesterday that supported my theory and gave me a Satori like flash of understanding. One of the articles, talking about a film documentary about Detroit, bluntly asked: "Considering how relatively small chunk of history The Middle Class™ took, why did anyone think the middle-class consumerism was "normal" and will continue forever?" The other was a comment on an the article at the, one of the best most intelligent alternative newspapers around that i have been reading for the past 8 years. The commenter said: "The middle class is a historical aberration, a transient phenomenon." "Right on", I thought, "you nailed it right on the head, pal"! Then I shuddered. Considering how many millions of dumb Americans think they are part of the fabled Middle Class™, what will they do when they found out they have been lied to all their lives and they will have to change status and become The Poor Class™?

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