Friday, September 14, 2012

"The Arab Spring" bites the hand that supposetly fed it

In the Corporate Owned western media, the "Arab Spring" was presented as a new era in the Arab world. Commentators gushed over it, pointing to "new technologies" that supposedly made it possible: th Internet, Tweeter, Youtube and so on. Just like "The Color Coded Revolutions" that rocked the Communist world a decade world, "The Arab Spring" was a sign the Arab world finally wanted the fabled "freedom and democracy" the Western world had been enjoying for so long. How quickly the world turns, indeed. In reality, "The Arab Spring" was the latest fabrication, the latest fantasy fable created for the consumption of the dumbed down masses in USA, UK, France and other. It was created to hide the truth: most of the countries that had revolutions were fighting gains dictators that were directly being financed by USA itself. Countries such as Egypt, where Mubarak was given financial aid numbering in the millions for over 30 years by the USA. It's very telling how the following western power's pals never were required to have "the Arab Spring": Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait. In fact, Saudi Arabia is the one that needs "The Arab Spring" most of all; but people there are forbidden by law to even protest! Forget about "freedom of the press, freedom of gays, freedom of women, etc etc etc. But somehow these things were NEVER mentioned by the Corporate Owned western media that always had time to inform us how many people had died in Syria that particular day. Now the Corporate Owned media istryign to again put a spin on the events. This is hardly about "religion". If anyone really think this is about "insulting their religion" you are either deluded or deliberately trying to delude your readers. The Arabs are simply tired of being played for the fools for so long and being exterminated via high tech flying death machines and this is the REAL "Arab Spring" the Western Corporate Owned media invented to hide the truth. But since it's NOT going the way US wants it, then it's about "religion" and the "freedom of speech" the Egyptian who made the "movie" and all those empty slogans. So how is USA/Western world dealing with the REAL Arab Spring? Very, very badly indeed. Good. What a good wake up call. STOP f*cking with them and leave them alone. They don't want your so called "help", they never did. Damn that new technology, indeed!

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