Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adam Smith, one of the biggest bullshitters ever

The fake so called "Capitalists" are always finding ways to put Karl Marx down, to make fun of him and have written many books and articles totally dismissing his theories or taking them apart to show just how wrong he was. Yet the same fakers have a mythical guru of their very own: Adam (I know what will happen 200 years on the future) Smith. Why can't Communists have a teacher guru while "Capitalists" can? Supposedly Adam Smith was SO smart and lucid, he knew exactly how "Capitalism" would evolve and he had a fort-sight of what will happen, even 200 years into the future. That's some lucidity indeed. Even today the fake "Capitalists" would say in an argument: "Just read Adam Smith and you would understand!", pretty much the same way Christians insist all I need to do is read The Babble and somehow I'd "get it" and become a believer. Adam Smith was a joke. He insisted greed was good and it was helpful when history has proven him wrong over and over and over. He created a magical force called "the invisible hand of Capitalism" that somehow corrects Capitalism so eventually everything in Capitalism becomes honkey dory again. What a bullshitter, really.

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