Monday, January 21, 2013

"Free press" eh?

I been without an Internet connection for a whole 2 months recently because of yet another move. It's been an interesting and very educational experience in more ways than one. I been reduced to go to daily treks to Ralphs and Starbucks and use their Internet to catch up on the stuff I missed. needless to say it's been an eye opening experience. When France attacked and invaded Mali, of course I was fairly interesting in hearing/reading as much as possible about it. Surprise, surprise, the supposedly free USA press decided to instead go with another story, talking non stop about some football asshole who created imaginary girlfriend who he supposedly met on the Internets and got supposedly got duped when it turned out she didn't exist. Wow, that is SUCH a huge and important story, I'm sure, the FOX TV news station had to use 15 minutes of it's airtime to talk about it instead of maybe mentioning the Mali invasion. But no such luck. Worse even CNN and other supposedly free press corporation are totally mum about Mali and the French. The USA and the Western world are always bashing China and how they censor their news. yet they have been quiet on the French invasion of Mali for a week now. I had to go to Alijezzira to find news about the French. So much for the so called "free press" of USA.

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