Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 and Ann Coultier won't read/watch the news no more!

Isn't that a nice present??? SO how will she know what the so called liberals are up to so she can screech about them? Mebbe she has finally ran out of things to say? Say it isn't so Annie. Wish Rush (Mr Pills) will do the same, but no such luck. Ah well, only idiots will believe he is telling any resemblance to the truth. Mebbe I should do what Annie (I got Adam's apple) does and talk about random shit. letz see...Jean Michel Jarre is saying he will quit France over high taxes. FUCK you, Jean. You haven't made a good record in decades anyway fuckface. Depardiue too. Go fuck yourself, you rich bastard And take that senile bitch Bardo with you too. Taxes are what make a country go around you morons. Take an economics class you fuckers. In other news, Chaves seems to be on his way out. Oh well. He should have taken it easy and not try to do all the work himself. Im sure Americans are secretly snickering and leering, and preparing to take over once he is dead. At least Castro is hanging in there. Im sure he will live at least to see 90. Good for him.

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