Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The "fiscal cliff"

So. The much screamed about, much "taken-out-of-context" much "lets-play-our-latest-Pavlovian-games-with-the-dumb-serfs" "fiscal cliff" turned out NOT to be much of a cliff after all. Not even a decline really. Not even(insert your own metaphor here). Whatta surprise eh? I am SO shocked I tell ya. So. Now I wonder what the next scare thing the COM(Corporate Owned media) is preparing to blast our puny brains with so we can't think straight for a minute. Greece? The EU? The always ready stand by latest "terrorist threat"? After all, there is only two possible way to control the serfs: through pleasure or through fear. Since USA can't control its dumb populace through pleasure as much as it used to, the fear is the only thing they got left. It's all simple Psychology 101 really.

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