Friday, February 1, 2013

Bad economy, what?

The right wing bullshiters keep on screaming how Mr Change is everything evil under the Sun. According to them, he is a far left Marxist commie secret agent sent to destroy the "American way of life". They keep on citing example after example how horrible the economy has been under Mr Change because after all, what does a commie understand of "free market economy", right? The poor Middle Class™ has been taking right up the behind under him, correct? Yet today surprise surprise even the biggest bullshiter of them all Drudge somehow got confused and posted a link to a story that the stock market just went over 14,000 and had its best day since 2007. Hey Drudge, WTF? So is the economy collapsing or is it having a field day? Which one is it, Drudgeie boy? Ah, what you mean to tell me that it's bad for the average working sheep who is getting sheared with over 4 dollar gas but it's pretty damn good for the rich who are making piles of money off of the poor middle class shmuck? Ok, I got it, thank you.

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