Thursday, March 14, 2013

Americans have the right to be stoopid. Yes indeed.

Kerry managed to make the Americans look their stupidest when he declared that "American's have the right to be stupid" turning this into yet another "it's freedom of speech issue". As if the Germans don't have the right to be religious too. Or the French. Or the Russians for that matter. Or the Brazilians. Or the Chinese who can also worship as much as they want but they are too smart to believe in the "Christian bullshit so they prefer their "region simple: Buddha and Confucius. As if ONLY "America" has liberties that the rest of the world somehow lacks. What a crock of bullshit. Sure you can have an opinion. I have said it several times before: opinions are not the same as knowledge or facts. Opinions are only as good as the facts that support them It seems in USA anyone can have an opinion but only very very few have facts. No wonder Americans are so dumb. Recently I went to Chinatown to see the parade for the new Lunar year. Not surprisingly, there were the same idiots I see where a lot of people gather, passing out Christian propaganda materials to the passer bys. I asked them why they bother people who have gathered to celebrate the new Lunar year. As usual, the "freedom of speech" was thrown in my face. I politely inquired if the Chinese come to their churches during Christmas celebrations and start passing leaflets about Buddha and Confucius. Well no. SO then why do they feel the burning need to come and bother the Chinese? And how many times was somebody actually saved after reading those leaflets? And why instead of wasting money on those expensive leaflets they don't go and feed the hungry instead?


Anonymous said...

Dude, I get the "barging in on someone's holiday" bit, but the "expensive leaflet part and why not feed the poor? Your joking, right? The Christian community, espically the Catholic Church puts more money, time and effort towards feeding & and clothing not just the poor... but the sick (mentally & physically), destitute, teenage mothers, ex-convicts... the list goes on and on. How much does one printed leaflet cost? $0.01? I get the not "raining on their parade" argument, but seriously consider the vast amount of charity that is preformed by the Christian community before bashing it for not spending leaflet money more wisely...

Uncle Sam

petkov said...

really "Anonymous"? Any why are you Anonymous" and not just publish under your name, hm?
Just by being Anonymous your comment becomes ...largely nothing.
I am talking about PERSONAL experience here, dig? My mother's been to 10 diff churches and has asked ALL of them for help but got NOTHING. And yes the churches probably do do a wold a lot of good. But personally, when I asked them for help they did nothing.