Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter is refusing to come to Bulgaria

The more Michael Rivero from whatisreallyhapening is screaming about the hacked emails and how global warming is fake and fraud, the more I am convinced he IS a fraud and he is refusing to see the evidence we are seeing every singe day for some reasons of his own. Sure, Al Gore is a liar and a complete fraud but even he doesnt have the power fo come to Bulgaria and change our weather right here into the way over extended gypsy summer we are experiencing. The thermometer doesnt lie, Rivero. The huge chunks of ice breaking off Antarctica and floating near New eland are NOT proof that the ocean are getting colder but JUST the opposite: the ice at the South Pole is ALSO melting.
Is this a Photoshop Rivero? People are seeing it with their own eyes. When are you Rivero gonna finally admit toyu have gobe off the deep and and admit what your eyes are telling you???
The real question here is WHY Rivero who is so bent on exposing the truth has up his ass aganst global warming? Sure he is upset trhe government is using the global arming to levy heavy new taxes on us. I am upset about that too, but my thermometer doesnt lie. The lier is YOU Rivero. You.


Anonymous said...

I live over there, in Sofia. We had a period of cold and snow before this heat wave. Do you know why the weather does crazy shit? Because it is crazy and it always has been and it will remain crazy. The planet's climate is not fixed, and people tend to forget that.

petkov said...

and yes you conveniently forget to mention that winter was 2 months late in coming. Even mid December was warm. November was hot. Today Dec 30th was yet another high temperature record: 18 degrees.
Winter have been getting warmer and NOT colder.
and a non fixed climate WILL whip our asses and it most certainly will interfere with our ability to grow enough food to feed 6.6 billion people. SO what are we doing about it? Colder or hotter IS a big problem nobody is really addressing. All they want is to create a new way to make money with the carbon Credit scam.
You should be very worried about the climate, not tell me obvious things I already know as if these thins somehow prove ...what are you trying to prove exactly?