Monday, November 9, 2009

Palestine and Israel

There is two diametrically opposite presentations of Isreal and Palestine. The official corporate owned media view presents Israel as the innocent country that is simply fighting to secure its borders and save itself from the hordes of the terrorirst from Palestine who are intent on destroying it. Israel is presented as priory "right to exist" in lands given to the Jews by their God Jehovah over 2.000+ years ago.
The left wind sorry wing loggers present the Israelis is bloodthirsty cowards who are exterminating the Palestinians any illegal and legal way they can and are slowly stealing all that Palestinian land. Frankly speaking i don't know which view is more "correct" since I don't know all the facts surrounding the whole affair. I suspect the leftist don't either, but they will hardly admit that. I am honest enough to admit the fact. Being even MORE blunt, I will say that I don't really give a damn about the isreal/Palestine conflict; it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my own life, and besides, that's NOT the only hot spot in the world; there are many other places where people are fighting or being killed for reasons not fully understood by me: Sudan and Ethiopia, Shri lanka, the basques in Spain, Chechnya and so on.
What I want to do is not get to the heart of the Israel/Palestine fight; as I said, it's got NOTHING to do with my life, so why bother with it? What i want is simple clarification about a few points that I have been bothering me. Simple stuff really. One of the MOST interesting question that I have been thinking over for a while now is WHY in that 60+ years of Israeli existence, the Palestinians have NEVER simply said one day: that's enough, TODAY we will declare a real country with real borders and be done with it.

After all, that is what normal people will do. Why haven't the Palestinians done it, ever? I have read their dead now leader Arafat threaten for years and years that he will declare a Palestinian country; why did he never do that? That would have been the obvious, and logical thing to do. With Palestine a real country they would have been able to secure their own borders. Yet Arafat never did that simple step, thus setting Palestinians for suffering for decades and decades. Would somebody explain that to me, eh?

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