Monday, November 30, 2009

American lefties are dumb.

the American lefties are truly hilarious. They are constantly raving against the "corporate war for profit and controlling the Eurasian oil" when in reality this very same war is to secure and to make sure their sweet sweet 1st world lifestyle continuous uninterrupted. Don't they realize USA's is and has been an imperialistic country ever since its creation and it has been an empire since the end of WWII? That nice lifestyle they have enjoyed ALL their lives is directly tied to US's ears ofd conquest being the Philippines, South America and all the other places US has been in invading and killing people for profit and to control natural resources.
Imagine for a moment the USA and UK and NATO are pushed off made to leave ALL the countries they are currently occupying: Irq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Imagine USA suddenly is forced to fold up and shut down all the 700+ army bases around the world rrom which they control and extend influence around the world. Imagine US is forced to live and play by the exact same rules they are forcing everyone else to play by... The US will not be able to maintain their sweet sweet lifestyle for more than a week: their cheap food supply will immediately dry up, their oil prices will shit up overnight to at least 5 dollars a gallon and imagine how much the price of everything in US wll go up. So the leftist nutcases better shut up and actually think before they open their stupid mouth again and how themselves the morons they are.
Do they really want to live like 3rd worlders, paying high prices for every day items? Do they really want to pay 5 dollars a gallon? Do they? Golly, what morons!

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