Thursday, November 26, 2009

I was right yet again.

So. Tony Blair was told 10 days before Iraq invasion that Saddam did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Turn out I WAS right when I boldly claimed back in 2003 that iraq had No weapons of mass distraction and got into a fist fight with a dumb American. (Actually there is a list of the kind of of Americans: the dumb, the gullible, the moron, the assholes and the total idiot)
I just wish I was right in front of him right now so i can go up to him and simly point this into his face.
Of course, neither ABC, CNN, FOX, Drudge. Glen Beck or any of the other so called "news" sites are carrying this news. But why should they? They got a Reality to maintain and dumb Americans to lie to. Of course, with this news I will NOT believe ANYTHING the UK or USA government ever say ever again. The question is what IF anything the Americans will do? Ah most likely they will find something, watch the new American idol or tat football game.

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