Sunday, November 29, 2009

the Chilcot inquiry

Rivero who runs is SO busy foaming and behaving like a rabid
dog over the hacked emails(funny how he now supports hackers when usually he advocates hackers be shot. but then he does say a lot of stupid things such as for example how Linux will be hacked as much as Windoze if it was more popular. stick to subjects you know Rivero; otherwise you make yourself look silly.) that show some scientists were ready to manipulate data about global temperatures he is missing the major story coming out of UK: the the Chilcot inquiry into the illegal Iraq war.
So far the inquiry is shown the Bush poodle knew very well in advance that Iraq had NO weapons of mass distraction of any kind yet he chose to ignore that and go along with Bush in attacking Iraq.
Of course I don't expect much to come out of the Chilcot inquiry; I would be VERY surprised if Bush's poodle faces any real charges at the end. But hey, at least it shows I and all the other people were right when we said Iraq had NO WMD.

With this, I again, will say i DO NOT believe ANYTHING ANY government says about anything anymore; be it the US or UK or German or EU or whoever.

P.S. I have yet to see ANY proof Iran is doing anything illegal, yet it appears USA is desperately trying to ruin them the exact same way it ruined the communist countries: by stopping their economic development ANY way they can. Communism didn't fall because it was a "bad" or "non working" economic system; it fell because it was not allowed to compete economically with the West. But the sweet irony is that China which is communism is beating USA which is a fake "capitalist" system. Oh, bayback is indeed sweet.

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