Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prediction for 2010

I just read the silly crap Mat Rodina wrote on his blog about 2010. The absence of any predictions about Israel and/or Iran is fairly noticeable; after all they ARE the MOST important part of the word, the rest is complete bullshit nobody would care about. What's more astonishing is why would publish such drivel, but on second glance it is obviously why. Russia comes pretty clean and on on top in his "predictions", so will like that.
Let's go over his obvious crap:
First of all, Russia is hardly what I would call self sustaining. Russia is heavily dependent on EU; the majority of its cash comes from the sale of its gas and oil to European countries. These countries are well aware of the fact and they are desperately trying to build alternatives. Come on, mat Rodina, and you are supposed to be an expert? Even little children know these facts.
Second, Rodina claims China will experience an almost complete Economic meltdown in 2010 because according to him they have been overextending their credit or some crap like that. If China collapses then USA will soon follow it 'cuz USA and China are totally dependent on each other. Basic economics lesson 101 Rodina:
China buys USA's Treasury Bonds, then it creates a lot of useless crap, sorry products and the USA buys that crap, creating a constantly moving circle.
The Chiense gov ain't dumb; they have been around for 3000+ years and they have been able to survive by mutating. I would like to see USA survive for another 100 years.
The Chinese got a lot of tricks under their sleeves; one trick they use is let their currency float for example. Just 'cuz you wanna put them down the same way the Western emdia is doing ALL THE TIME(ever seen a positive news story about CHina anywhere????) doean't mean you should be writing such total bullshit.
Turd, sorry Third he claim a major civil war will break in the middle east. The only way a war will breweak there is because USA would want to. The Saudi Arabia got enough power to subdue their population. They wont allow such bullshit.
Better luck next time bucko.

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