Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why are Global Warming deniers denying globalr warming is happening?

This past summer was the warmest on record where I live. July and August we had temperatures around 40 Celsius(ALL measured in the shade of course). These temperatures are NOT normal for the pace where I live. The fall lingered well untill early December, often sunny and much warmer than it should have been snowing.
OK, USA had a colder than normal summer but get why: this is an el Nina year!
We had hugfe icebergs breaking off Antarctica and floating to Australia and new Zeland. We had all sorts of of weird shit going on with 4 consecutive tornadoes and typhoons hitting the Philippines. and so on. And SO on. Yet the global warming deniers keep on insisting the global temperatures have bene falling since 1998 and they have seassed on ONE scientific research centr that usesd statistical patters and rounded their numbers as "proof" that the global warming is a fraud by the world governments led by the asshole Al Gore to levy all sorts of taxes on us.
OK, I agree Al Gore is a complete asshole, who is seizing on the opportunity to millions of money on cap and trade. I agree the cap and trade is a complete sham, designed to create a tradable commodity out of nothing (pretty much how modern money currencies are created). I agree all that. But just because Al Gore is trying to benefit dishonestly, doesnt discredit global warming. I have been experiencing global arming for years now. Nobody can tell me it is a lie. Just because some scietintsts decided to fiddle with the numbers doesnt make global warming a lie.


NetRanger said...

Global warming is a natural thing. Back in the 1500s the mean temps were higher than they are today. Global warming has nothing to do with man. CO2 is a SYMPTOM of global warming, not a CAUSE for it. Duh! Real scientists know. Political scientists (or more precisely politicized scientists) are the only ones that want to see AGW. AGW is a false flag, an excuse for the global elites to enact crippling taxes and other bullshit controls. Study the science.

petkov said...

Ah at least you admit global warming IS happening. That's something, at least.
So et me ask you this: Since it's gonna get hotter, how will that affect our ability to grow food? How will that affect our ability to raise cattle? I dunno how many people we were in 1600s but we are 6.7 billion today. This hotter temperatures will make it rather difficult to raise crops wouldnt you say? Food rpices are high enough as it is, can you image how high they will go when our food supplies start running low? You wanna liver in a place like that maybe even fighting to get enough food to survive?
Yeah i'm sure you will LOVE it.
Wake up and smell the burning fields and super high prices of food friend.