Wednesday, December 2, 2009

People do NOT lie. It's unusually warm ALL over Europe

Here is a proof I am not making shit up when I talk about how unusually warm it is here in Bugaria in South Eastern Europe.
A guy in The Netherlands confirmed this November has been the warmest on record sicne 1901 there too. Check it out:


This is what he said:

Jacob Kuiper
Image taken:
Dec. 1, 2009
Steenwijk, The Netherlands
The full moon high in the sky with a taste of frost over plants and landscape. It is the first frosty night in The Netherlands in more than a month for the temperature records of meteorological station De Bilt. November 2009 has been the 2nd warmest month since 1901. Due to this very, sometimes ‘spring-like’ weather, my kiwifruit was still hanging at their place. Now on this first clear moonlit night the white ice crystals formed on the kiwis. The harvest this year has been splendid, 3 big plants delivered more than 2500 kiwis.

BW it was 18 degrees today here. We should be having snow. Just because Al Gore is trying to profit from the global warming doesnt make the global warming a lie.

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