Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Capitalism: does it really exist anywhere? Part I

The biggest lie the ruling elite of the world foisters on the sheeple is mthe myth of "capitalism" and "free market" economy. That myth is told so often almost 99.99% of the people in the world believe in it. Even if they don't, they are scared of ANY alternative; they know the system is totally fucked and a total lie, but since they cannot see any better alternative they are willing to live in the system because they really have no choice.
Because I was NOT raised inside this fake system and was not brainwashed from an early age, I can see what a total fabricated lie it from the outside. Problem is I couldn't formulated enough to be able to explian it to myself and/or soembody else.
It has taken me over 25 years of studying and thinking about "capitalism" to be able to figure out some things well enough to finally begin to see the "big picture" so to speak.
First of all, as defined in a dictionary, "capitalism" is not being practiced anywhere. At best, capitalism should be called by what it is really is: "creditism".
Marx was wrong: Credit controls everything, NOT capital. Its been like this for a a long, long time. Centuries in fact, since when the goldsmyths decided to use fractal banking to lend "money" they didn't actually have. From real thing backed by soemthing "money" instead became something created. ie debt to be paid. Ever sicne then the sheeple have been taken for a ride. Today the central banks fullfill that role of the 17th century goldsmiths. EU has a central bank. USA has a central bank . Each big country in the world has a central bank of its own. They are the one who control the money supply therefore controlling credit and thus they control how economy will do. They how can this system be "free market" when its being controlled by somebody/something? It isn't.

People are now judged according to what how good their credit is! It has become SO bad in USA you may not get a job if your credit rating is poor. I do not know how the majority of people in EU and developing Asian nations live, but the majority of the so called "middle class" in USA lives on credit. Their whole lives are tied to a credid rating; wanna get a new car? need good credit, wanna get new furniture, ditto, new TV? the same and so on. people do not buy anything outright, they lease it on credit. What's telling is how all this people accept this as fully "normal" way of life. The American way is charge "it"! I was appalled and dismayed by that behavior while living there. They look at your with suspicion if you do not have at least 2-3 credit cards. An emigrant guy from the Philippines was simply shocked when i told him I did not have even a single credit card. he couldn't believe it. When pressed to explain to me WHY would I need a credit card SO much he came up with the idea that I needed it for emergencies. I just shook my head and laughed. Simply put these people have been brainwashed into believing credit is the key to "middle life style" success, NOT saving and maybe investing your money.

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