Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr ZERO Change speech

did NOT surprise me ONE bit. What's MUCH worse (as some people have already noted) is how much of his speech could have been said by Shrub Jr several years ago. People have noted it tool him just 32 words to mention 9-11 and to hit on exact same reasons Shrub jr would have used. I don't know about the lefties, but they should have been pissed off how taken for a ride they were by a very slick liar. Of course Mr ZERO Change would escalate the "wars" in Afghanistan; he has no choice. US/Western world MUST control that part of the world; the prize is continuing world domination. Otherwise China and Russia and India win and the Western world is left in the dust. That's the truth. The rest are just the usual lies about the Taliban hiding "Ali Queda", Afghanistan being vital to US/world security and the usual complete bullshit anyone should be able to see through.
What's darkly amusing though is how some of the Americans ARE surprised. My acquaintance from USA confessed that yes, he WAS surprised by Mr ZERO Change's speech.
You know, I will NEVER cease to repeat myself: Americans ARE the dumbest most ill informed people on the planet. He JUST proved that to me once again with his confession.

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