Friday, January 1, 2010

and in Bulgaria, our heat wave continues

we had record breaking temperatures: on 1st of January it was 22.4 officially while my outdoor thermometer showed 34 (not in the shade). This is as far from normal as it can get; it's positively scary actually. Winter is NOT supposed to be cold one day then warm and even hot the next week. Winter is supposed to be Winter all the way through i.e. cold, ALWAYS cold and snowing starting from mid November and going until mid to end of March. But hey, Global Warming IS a scam cuz Al Gore is trying to financially benefit from it, right? Riight!

P.S. to all the Anonymous posters: come on, be real and use your names eh? Gimem an email so we can really get a conversation going. If you are gonna call me names and adjectives, try doing that the real manly way and gimme a name. Otherwise I will ignore your bullshit and refuse to post it. I have had enough bullshit from all sides to last me a lifetime. I will NOT tolerate it in any shape or form.


Joshua said...

My Friend.. you need to have a look at the science. Seriously, 'man-made' global warming is a scam and nothing else.

For your current topic, here's some maps of the current temperature anomalies, both from NASA - and BOTH DIFFERENT:

For your post on prisonplanet, here's some paleo ice core sample data and graphs, also from NASA/NOAA, that explain how much the Earth's temperature changes, naturally, over the last 500,000 years:

Spend some more time on that site - read through the articles since late November, after Climategate and you'll see what's really going on - fraud, racketeering, globalisation, taxes, control.

If you get a chance, google search page 18, paragraph 38, 38a on the draft copenhagen treaty and you'll see what I mean.


Mr Morphed said...

Do you have the record highs and lows to compare your data with? The problem I find with the AGW and Climate Change (wtf is that really, like climate never has changed and shouldn't?)is that people are blinded by the bullshit and don't look at long term climate numbers. The earth has been warmer and colder than it is now and it is natural cycles and humans are not doing squat to the atmosphere compared to nature unless you want to figure in the chem-trails and HAARP.

petkov said...

Did I EVER say ANYWHERE humans are responsible for the Global Warming?
Why are you putting words into my mouth? All I am talking about is MY personal experience that I have been experiencing for the last 5 years: very mild winters and now even warm winters. I have been alive for 44 years and I remember how Winters USED to be. I don't need to look at ANY NASA graphs; ALL I need is to go outside and look at my own thermometer.
Yes Copenhagen is a scam. But so what? That doesn't make Global Warming a lie.
So you both agree Earth can go through very warm and cold changes. You admit global warming is happening; what else you want?
to get so hot we are gonna get food crisis?
How ridiculous.