Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Freedom & Democracy" vs Slavery & Security

I live in a little village in the middle of nowhere. It's a peasants' place complete with cows and sheep freely walking the streets, dogs in every house and so on. Early spring this year a homeless dog appeared on our street. We suspected it wasn't wild, most likely it got lost or something because it would come and beg for food but it would run away if we tried to touch it. We started giving it slices of bread and it decided to stick around, running up and down the street but often coming to the door and jumping up and down. Slowly it decided to simply stick close to our yard knowing fully well it would get some food from us sooner or later. We would open thew door and try to invite it in but it would refuse. This played for a month untill it finally got it and I closed to door behind it trapping it inside our yard. A chase inspired but it was too fast, I could never caught it. it staying locked in overnight then somehow it found a way to jump the fence it and it was free again but it soon returned begging for food.
After a while it would finally let me touhc him and it finally decided to even come into the yard on its own. It would leave whenever it felt like it but it always came back after a few hours. I got the idea to tie it up and told that to my mother. we got a chain and a leather collar, collar. I gave it food and while it was distracted i jumped on top of it and tied it up. It didn't struggle too much.
After a few days we wanted to walk it bt we had make the collar too loose because it managed to slip its head out and run away. My mother was distraught but I assured her I was sure it would return. Lo and behold it was in front of our door the very next morning jumping up and down when ti saw us. I invited it and and accepted. I tied it up again. A few days later we had a storm and I went outside to see how it wqas. I saw it had managed to get loose a again, and I saw it running down the street n the rain. I told my mother but I again I said it would return because it had become accustomed to to food we gave it. True e3nouhg it was back within 2 hours. Clearly the dog preferred the safety and security of slavery even it it meant being tied up to the "freedom" but hunger of the street.
Dogs are social primates that like to live in tribes. In this they resemble humans. It would appear they would prefer security over freedom. In my observations humanity is pretty muhc the same; it would always prefer ad chosoe security and slavery vs some imaginary "freedom" Yet the myth of "freedom and democracy" is one of the most cherished fairy tales that is pushed into our heads over and over by the media even against ALL the available evidence that humanity prefers slavery and will happily sell itself for some security. All one has to do is observe people on Monday morning busily rushing to their place of slave labor, excuse me, work. There is nothing more telling than this. nothing more needs to be discussed or argued over.


Gregor said...

The interesting irony is that in the West we were once prepared to risk nuclear war over democracy without realising that it would be better to be in a dictatorship than to live in a nuclear wasteland. Knowing that you voted for the government that does things no-one likes is little consolation.

petkov said...

Do you really think they would have gone the final step and really
started a nuclear war? I believe it was just posturing and MAD that made it into a standoff. Then again, Reagan wasn't one of the brightest bulbs around and he probably was led to believe the West could have been a "winner" in a nuclear war. Scary thought, that.
Why do you still use that meaningless word "democracy"? haven't you figured out the governments of the world are just using it to make you believe you livee in a fantasy tra-lala land??
Do you still really think you live in an actual "democracy" as the word is defined in a dictionary?