Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do Jews have a trademark on Holocaust™?

We are yet again reminded of the Jewish Holocaust™ (TM). Now some Jews who were kids during the Holocaust™ are recreating their train journeys, and of course Drudge HAS TO link to it like its such a BIG BIG very important news. The WWII Jewish
Holocaust™ happened almost 70 years ago. That's a generation ago. Yet we are still bombarded almost daily with unearthed "news" about it. Seems we have to be reminded of it or else we will forget about it or something. Yet we are never told about all
the other Holocausts that have happened during the decades and centuries previous to the Jewish Holocaust™. Neither we are told of the ongoing Holocausts happening RIGHT NOW in places such as Kongo, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan(90 people killed in a
new NATO attack)

Let's list some other Holocausts that happened:
1. The Holocaust of The Native Americans from the North American, Central American and South American by the and of the Spaniards, French, British Dutch and pretty much ALL Western European. By some estimates 12 million Native Americans died JUST in North America alone. The white European settlers used bio weapon by giving them small pox infected blankets. Another way of exterminating the "red vermin" was to exterminate their main food supply: the buffalo ths making sure the vermin would starve to death. When was the last time we saw a movie about that? Yet Hollywood keeps on churning one Jewish Holocaust™ movie after another. Where are the serious scholarly works carefully investigating the facts and making sure we all know what
the white man did in North and South American? Nowhere to be seen.

2. the Indian Holocaust of 1860s when around 10 million Hindus including women and children were massacred or left to starve to death by the British because the Hindus organized an uprising. But hey, it was a long time ago, right, so who cares?

3. The Armenian Holocaust of 1915 when around 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Turkish army when they organized a rebellion in East Turkey. The Armenians have been trying for decades to have the massacre designated as a Holocaust but the
jews have been preventing them from doing so.

4. The Ukrainian Holocaust where around a few million people died when Stalin left the Ukrainians to simply starve during the 1930s. By some estimates at least 2 to 6 million people died. Some scholars say a lot more but nobody knows because no records were kept.

These are the Holocausts that I know of. if you paid attention some of them involved numbers bigger than the 6 million numbers cited by the Jews during WWII. I am sure there are many other holocausts that happened in Africa, Asia and all over.

So what does my list prove if it proves anything at all? It proves Humanity has a long history of killing one another for under different pretenses but the basics reason is the same: to grab the land and the resources the people were on. the people Human history is one Holocaust after another. the Jews neither own the Holocaust nor is their Holocaust the biggest number wise. Yeah let the anti Semite calling begin.

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Anonymous said...

And Jews were behind Communism and the Holocaust of millions of mostly ethnic Russians and Ukrainians then later including the famine were out of the 25 senior Soviet official responsible there were only 2 ethnic Russians and one had a Jewish wife like most of the other non-Jewish commissars.

Actually the famine was present in other regions other than Ukraine in Russia and Kazakhstan so it was not exclusively aimed at Ukrainians 3.6 million out of 6.5 million died in Ukraine most killed in Ukraine were in the East being ethnic Russians.

You could actually mention the Japanese occupation of China or the post Soviet Soro/IMF initiated economic reform famine in Russia and Ukraine.

As far as the Jewish Holocaust is concerned that is highly questionable it even happened as it alleged that it happened in camps in Soviet territory and with the Jewish propaganda minister for the USSR along with British psychological and Soviet fund raiser and propaganda outlets in the US distributing gas chamber and 6 million atrocity propaganda as early as 1942.

And there is not forensic evidence to support the Holocaust claim and independent views and research/investigation are suppressed/persecuted.