Saturday, September 19, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Emipire, part II

Poor, poor Yankies. I can understand how confused and frightened they must be feeling. Losing your iron grip on the world MUST really be a scary feeling. What's worse, knowing things will NEVER be the same must truly be getting to them. No wonder they are acting the way they are acting. Yes I can understand them completly. Maybe they need to talk to the Brits and exchange info on what to do when you lose your number 1 spot in the world. I bet the Brits will eba able to give them some fairly valuble points and some good advice. At least the Yankees will have a sympatetic shoulder to cry on. Snicker. I bet the feeling of that sweet, sweet 1st world lifestyle slipping away from them is making them mental. And you know what? Good, I am glad. They have been controlling the world for the past 60 years, doing pretty much whatever the fuck they wanted, while we had to suffer for their amusement and get by on whatever we can, while they ate well, laughed and had a good time. Well, they got fat and bloated and all that fat from these rich foods got into their brain cell and they got dumb. Not that the average American Yankee ever was a symbol of any high intelligence whatsoever but they were convinced they were "Number 1" baddest mufther effers in the world and now....this. No wonder they are letting complete clowns such as Glen Beck telling them what's wrong and how Obala is a "communist".
No matter how fucked up their government was before, they allowed it and didn't care too much as long as they felt were in good shape economically and they had entertainment and were able to buy that new color TV they wanted and to go and see that singing star. Even if things were bad, they still believed a lot of fantasies and knew their gov will take care of thngs and eventuallt they will still control the world. Well, not anymore. Enjoy your long distance fall, fuckers. The ground is really hard and is coming up fast. Me, Im gonna get some popcorn and enjoy the show you are putitng on for the rest of the world.

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