Wednesday, September 30, 2009

District 9 VS Avatar. No contest whatsoever, D9 blows Avarat's cutesy aliens outta this Universe.

While Avatar is 100% predicable by-the-numbers self richeous fantasy Hollywood churns weekly to the stupid sheeple, D9 is raw and realistic portrait of what happens when corporations run for profit are allowed to do whatever they want.
It IS true that I havent really seen Avatar except for a 2 minutes trailer, but Hollywood movies are generally SO predicable I can pretty much tell you what happens in most of them and what their ending will be within 89% accuracy. But then again, I havent seen a good Hollywood movie in decades. The last one surprising was Strange Days from 1996 that was produced by Cameron. But Strange Days was nothing more than a fairly successful copy of cool cyberpunk style sci-fi.
Avatar is one of those silly fantasies complete with cute natives with anime like eyes (so we could care for them more) giving the usual liberal lip service with bad CGI. D9 on the hand looks as realistic as it get coming with TV footage talking heads .
I just saw the Avatar trailer and frankly, I am NOT impressed at all. To begin with, I expected a whole different movie from the one presented in the preview(I will discuss that in a minute). Second, this is the absolute best state of the art CG??? At best, it looks like pre Lord of the Ring stuff; I kept on thinking I needed to plug in my console and start playing the game, it looked SO much like a CG for a military style shot 'em up. True, I didn't see in in the IMAC 3D theater but so what?
The story is what I got the biggest problem with. Some people have already named it "Dancing with Wolves in Space" and that's kinda pretty accurate from what I seen.

As its custom, Hollywood LOVES to pay lip service to the so called "liberal" view point yet the problem is exactly that they only pay lip service to it and NOTHING else. Thwe movie is nothing more than story against the colonialism imperialism: in trhe far fture, the Earth send military space ships to mind minerals rich other planets where other less advanced intelligent races live in full harmony with nature. Yes the alien race is different skin color: since they are aliens they are blue thbut they could have easily been red or pink or yellow with slanted eyes. You know, a movie detailing the evils of imperialism is fine and dandy with me, but it's a fantasy after all, how many Americans will make the real connections dn maybe begin to think about exactly WHAT their militarizes are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, bombing Pakistan, and in the other 127 something bases scattered around the world?? And how many will make the next step to actually try to do something about it? And even if they do, the US Congress/Senate will even listen to them? Besides, the riches of most countries come from outside sources, for example "Great" Britain would never have been so "great" and so rich without its many colonies and its main supplier of wealth: India. Therefore an movie such as this doesn't do anything to fix the injustices of the world; in fact it aggravates them. becuade it's only a silly peace of entertainment used to subdue the masses and make them feel good about themselves but giving them a fantasy tra-lala story

The REAL story of colonialism and imperialism has to be taught in schools to ALL children without any type of censoring and omitting Any facts to be dealt with; it has to be talked about over and ovr and over again until maybe the white man grows up ashamed of what he had done in whole continues of Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. Then and ONLY then we can maybe then we can prevent it from occurcing, becuade it is STILL occurring in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and many other places. and it will be occurring more and more in the future. a silly shitty movie is not gonna do anything about it except make assholes such as James Cameron richer and make him feel ALL self richeous.

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