Friday, September 11, 2009

The Shit is about to hit the fan.

The signs are ALL there. US's economy is NOT improving so Mr Change has given Iran until the end of September or they wil try to strange them with a gas embargo that will most likely bring Iran to their knees economically. In turn, Chavez pledged that he will give Iran 300.000 of refined gasoline per day. Russia and China will (most likely)
veto any more sanctions rendering any UN actions useless. Now Netenyahu went to Russia to ask them to stop selling arms to Iran. Wonder what he offered them in return.
Now UN is warning the dollar has to stop being world's reserve currency and the world needs a new one. Since when is UN a n economic organization??? Last time I checked, they were a political organization. China is warning USA to stop printing dollars or they might just star buying gold. Derivatives arte in the toilet. Yeah, something is about to happen and most oikely it will be the start of WWIII. They want it. They NEED it. They are gonna have it. They are slowly preparing us fr the major event and we know it, it the back of our heads yet we refuse to acknowledge it, same as how people thend to disregard signs until they ht them in the nose.
You know I been wondering for a while now how the Jews would try to maintain their grip on world power sicne the nexus of world has moved deep inot Asia. Introducing a new world currency that everyone will be forced to sue will be one very clever way of accomplishing that.
Forget about 9-11. The event hwas been used up and is merely now a onc a year mythology even designed to stroke emotions.

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