Friday, September 4, 2009

Untill the end of September

So Mr Change is giving Iran until the end of September to accept unconditional talks on their nuclear program (NOTE: which he has NEVER provided ANY evidence at all that it exists What's more, the head of IEA has said there is NO evidence the nuclear program is used to any illigal means plus Mr Change is contradicting its own CIA) Unfortunately, I foresee the beginning of what might be WWIII.

The audacity of Mr Change is totally understandable, given the sorry state of USA's economy and given the fact the ONLY way the so called "capitalism" gets out of trouble is to either start a major war or invade a land rich or resources so they can exploit it. Since they cannot just invade Iran outright, and since they KNOW very well Russia and China WILL not vote for any more economy sanctions(at least i hope so but both Russia and China have shown in the past they can talk with forked tongue and can wiggle around and be as dishonest as USA), the ONLY option left for USA is to stir some kinda shit that will escalate into a major world war so they can jump start their economy.

Yes. it IS a cliche, but cliches are cliches exactly because they are right. yes USA economy IS military industrial economy. USA's economy has been tied to military ever since the mid 1940s when it used the excuse of WWII to rescue their failing "capitalism". USA need a major war ever new decade to keep their economy going. Simple look at the last 70 years shows how many wars USA has started:
0: 1940s: WWII under the fake false attack on Pearl Harbor
1. 1950s: the Korean war.
2. 1960s Vietnam war started on totally false premises and lies, exactly the same as first and second Iraq invasion
3. 1970s Vietnam war ends. Notice how sorry the state of USA economy became with no war in sight
4. 1980s Reagan's few quick victories against Grenada and Libya; early 80s were also bad economically, yet again proving war is tied to how well USA economy performs
5. 1990s first Iraq invasion (largely based on the fake testimony of the daughter of Kuwait official)
6. 2000s: second Iraq invasion under the pretext of "searching for "weapons of mass distraction" that were NEVER found.

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