Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11....

The left, the conspiracy lovers and the original conservative Republicans are all horribly stuck and they ain't moving. What are they stuck on? THey are stuck on 9-11 and all of its details; it's has become a full time obsession with them, they have given it countless hours writing articles, posting on blogs, and foaming n the mouth over it over every little detail of 9-11: Termite in the dust, the dancing Iraelies, the missing billions reported right on 9-10, why BBC reported the fall of building 7 before it happened, how can Bush see the first building fall, was it really a plane that hit the Pentagon, the list to choose from is endless, they love it. It's their reason d'etre. It's given their silly lives a meaning, a purpose.

I wanna give them all a free clue: 9-11 was 8 years ago. It was an important event and the government used it to their full advantage. But the government has moved on long time ago; they got other much bigger fishes to fry. Sure, they use the aniversary but that's all. Only these people havent figured out there and other evens going on even much more important. Except for those poor schmucks who still insist on finding the truth of whatreallyhappned on 9-11. Try to tell them 9-11 doesnt really matter aynmore as Nader tried to tell them and watch them go ape shit and start calling you names such as gov shill and so on. Poor schmucks. I bet the US government loves them wasting their time arguing over useless details
while shit is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan and other places.
So what if termite was found and officially verified by a scientist? SO what if the official story doesnt make any sense? SO what? 9-11 is history, a event that happened in the distant past. Even if the proof is found and exposed what will happen? Will Shrub Jr and everyone involved be prosecuted? What exactly will change if anything? The average sheeple will continue to pay his/hers bills, consume and worry about their jobs and all the billS they have to pay. Plus there is plenty of fake news to keep them occupied sch as the fake ACORN scandal, the ridiculous "heath medical insurance" reform, the killing of this young girl or that young girl, the flood that just happened and there is the new Music Idol season that can't be missed! Will the American sheeple revolt and demand justice? No, they won't. The
government controls our lives to the fullest and all they can do is scream and watse their lives and think they doing something important.

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