Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the heck are you idiots saying??

Why do idiots keep on talking about USA as being turned into a communist country by Mr Change? OK< I can understand Alex Jones who after all got an agenda juast as much as the corporate onwe media and/or Bush have one, and the idiots at 4 winds, but people such as mat Rodina shows what a disgrace he is.

OK, I they have been told what an evil an fascistic state "Communism is all their lives, but for fucks' sake get a clue already! Do I have to point out basic AND obvious things yet again? I guess I do.
Communism as preached by Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and the other original communists ALWAYS tried to benefit as many people as possible. Obviously Mr Change is doing exactly the opposite. For example, He has taken 15+ trillion of US sheeple's money and given them to the banks. Does that benefit the largest number of people in ANY way? Obviously not. So please ALL you "communists" hates such as Mat Rodina who has No idea he is saying when he invents meaningless terms such as Ango-Marxist communism)get a free clue already: Nothing Mr Change does is ever remotely "communistic" in any sense or form dictionary wise. He is trying to benefit a very, very small, microscopic number of people at the benefit of many.
That is the opposite of real communism.

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