Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thomas Sowell: Yet another house boy

I began reading Thomas Sowell's columns as an intellectual exercise yesterday. It
took a whole lot of will power forcing myself to keep up reading obvious garbage..
And he is supposed to be a high level intellectual, a at several universities and
clleges? If this is the best a supposed intellectual giant like him can produce?
No wonder he has been reduced to a house boy role, defending Pills Limbaugh
against charges of racism. Wow, is the guy senile or a total sell-out? Or both?
Whatever its content's, the guy is clever and can write. As normal practice, he
takes a little bit of truth, half lies, a lot of innuendos, outright lies and
mixers them in such a manner that resulting concussion is imposable to
separation lies and truth. As a right wing conservative, he is 100% boringly
predicable in what He peaches: the phantom never existing "free market" and what
he attacks: the ever present liberals, the phantom liberal media, EVERYTHING Mr
Change and does and say and any form of communism/socialism.

Anyway, i will write an article that will discuss Sowell's writings. It won't be a any type of strenuous intellectual exercise because is arguments are surprisingly easily defeated.

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