Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the sheep looked up

One of my favorite sci fi books of all time is a little known already out of print masterpiece by John Brunner called "The sheep looked up." I bought it secondhand and loved it. it deals with a sudden and rapid deterioration of the environment in USA and around the world in the near future due to ALL the "economic activity" humans have been doing ever since the begining of the industrial revolution and throwing tons of various poisons into the surrounding environment. Brunner is somewhat of a major prophet to me, for example he single handedly predicted the Internet in all its glory in 1975's "Shockwave Rider". But never mind all that; what's important is the name of the novel: "The Sheep looked up". And Im beginning to see not the sheep looking up but more honesty and outright telling the truth(partial but that's a start at least) on USA TV and even on places I would never imagine such as Faux news. Even Glen beck was surprisingly honest on a recent show while discussing the rummor that Arabs, Japanese and Russians are in secret negotiations to drop the dollar as a currency for oil. Beck admitted several facts I have known for a long time: That Reagan was basically bluffing with his missile defense system A.K.A. Star Wars and that Bin Alladin was yes a CIA agent and on their payroll whose job was the fight the Russians during the 1980s. Made my jaw fall to the floor I tell ya.
later on, I saw a commentator asking for the abolishing of the federal Reserve on Faux news. that amazed me even more.

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