Sunday, October 11, 2009


Watching news clips from USA's TV makes me wanna laugh hysterically at the
absurdity of it all. They are discussing the "hot topic of the day" sending more
troops to Afghanistan. Who the fuck gave them the right to be in Afghanistan a
sovereign country in the first place??? Ah, OK UN Security console did,. OK, that
makes it all "legal" then. What the fuck are they doing there??? Ah, OK, fighting
that fathomable Al Queda that we never see any proof of. Saving the world from
terrorist threat. OK, thank you. I guess I am supposed to be grateful. Without them
and NATO where I guess I will be over run by Al Queda who will make me a Muslim
and force me to pray to Allah, right??? Those insolent Americans have the
unspeakable insolence to discuss what they are gonna do in a country half way
around the world because well, because the effing world sits by and idly lets them
get away wit it. Yes it IS Vietnam all over again. Eight years and counting and
USA is again in a country at the other end of the world and they act as masters of
the Earth and.. fuck I'm furious. Furious not at the effing Americans who act like
world masters but at the rest of the humanity that simply lets those arrogant
assholes get away with killing brown people and calls them collateral damage and
gives the excuse that they were "Taliban" A.K.A. "bad guys" who were attacking
them so they were forced to kill them. GET THE FUCK out of Afghanistan and NOBODY
will attack you. Stop supporting Israel and those Arabian kings and dismantle
those 127 + bases around the world and stop trying to steal other people's natural
resources and stop killing them and nobody will attack you I can guarantee it. But
you can't, can you? Cuz you need that oil to control China in the future and need
all those other natural resources so you can have that sweet, sweet 1st world
lifestyle and call it "capitalism" and "democracy" and teach us how we can be the
same as you. No, thank you. Fuck, I HATE, despise humanity. We are shit. Robert
Anthon Wilson was right, we haven't progressed one single step from apes and stone
ages yet we dare to call ourselves sapien.

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