Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few facts

As old Ronnie said: "Facts are stubborn things." so lets look ar a few facts about Iran and the Iranian situation:

1. Iran sits on a whole lotta gas and oil.
2. Iran is the last country in the Middle East that is NOT under direct West control.
3. Iran was the good friend of the West untill 1979.
4. Iran was the "good guy" good until 1950s when it decided to nationalize their oil and gas. Bad move Iran!
5. Iran-Contra affair. Hello, ANYONE remember that??? It happen during the 1980s when supposedly Iran was the "bad guy" yet uncle Ronnie was selling them arms weapons and bio weapons.
6. Iran is surrounded on ALL sides by arm forces numbering over 200.000.
7. Iran did sign the NPT in 1970s while Israel, India and Pakistan all refused.
8. Iran IS fully cooperating with UN watch dog agency.
9 The head of the agency himself has said there is NO evidence iran is doing anything illegal.
10. CIA itself has said iran is NOT developing the "bomb".
11. Iran is enriching uranium at low rates. Even with million centrifuges thats still low enriched uranium.
12. The Iranians DO NOT have a death wish. They are NOT dumb. They realize fully well if they EVER try to attack israel they will be turned into green glass in a matter of minutes.
13 While Iranians are telling the truth, USA and UK and France are lying through their teeth.
14. Bush said Iraq hasd weapons of mass distraction. Now Mr CHange is playing the exact same game. Forgive me if I'm let's say somewhat skeptical of what mr CHnage is saying.
15. Zero as in NADA, Nichevo, NOTHING proof has ever been offered by ANYONE iran is even doing anything that's would indiace it is trying to acquire "nuclear weapons".

Yes, damn those facts! Maybe we should dispence with them all together and simply lie.

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