Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Payback is a bitch, eh?

The hottest topic on the left and right wing blogs is the upcoming Copenhagen meeting in December. Everyone from Alex Jones to is giving their "expert" option on the subject and as usual, spreading as MUCH FUD as they possibly can. Some are saying ridiculous things such as Obama will sell our country (meaning USA), others are screaming about the beginning of World Government that will be able to tell everyone what to do or not to do essentially controlling al the countries in the world. I just ran across a blog where they said:
start quote: The treaty will also allow the distribution of wealth from developed countries like the U.S. to Third World Countries like Africa, in other words; taxpayer-funded socialist welfare! end quote.

Excellent! And that is exactly how it should be. It's about time.

NOTE:Let me just say dividing the world into 1st, 2nd and 3rd world is racist and derogatory, but I will use it here for the sake of argument.

For centuries the so called "1st world" countries have been exploiting the so called "3rd world" countries. has anybody even done any type of maybe calculation how much wealth for example flowed form India into UK? Or how many people were forcefully taken from Africa to work in South and North America essentially giving US free labor force?? Can somebody maybe calculate the value of all that land that was stolen from Native Americans by white settlers? Why all the silence all of a sudden?
So it was fine and dandy for wealth in form of ore, gold, iron, spices, silk, whatever you can think of etc, etc, etc flowed form the so called "3rd world" countries into the so called '1st world" countries starting form about 14 century and going into the 20th century but it's not fine and dandy get get SOME kind of payment back? Whaat?? I caan't hear you!

Second, the "1st world" countries have been polluting freely for a long long time and NOBODY ever could tell them anything. That is about to end, finally! And YES they should pay the exploited "3rd world" countries. After all, what's fair is fair. You got a problem with that?

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