Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Most of the shite is ridiculously easy to understand:

1. USA is in the Middle East for the oil. Technically, they don't need it but they want to control it ad middleman. Nothing to do with fathom non-existent Al Queda that they cannot produce any evidence of or ridiculous boogie man Bin Alladin. Trivial to comprehend, all one has to look through history and see how countries have ALWAYS invaded other countries for their resources beginning with Alexander the "Great" to England in India or Spain in South America.

2. Capitalism MUST ALWAYS exploit somebody or something. Either it is the poor Mexicans migrant workers who end up picking fruits and vegetables in USA or the poor Chinese factory workers toiling away for a dollar a day and producing crap to be sold in Walmart main steet USA. Capitalism is a zero sum game meaning somebody always got to lose for somebody else to win. Forget what the paid shills in nice suits are saying on TV; all one needs to do is look around.

3. The phony "war on terrorism" (notice how they stopped using that term anymore?) is just same old same old centuries war of conquest for natural resources. Nothing more. They have yet to show a real Al Queda terrorist.

4. Marx was right: Religion IS the opium of the people. Aint no question about it. The Bible itself (as we know it today) was created in 300-500 AD at the little known First and Second CouncilS of Constantinople. That is when the Christian Canon was created and agreed upon. The Bible is an edited collection of specifically chosen stories whose beginning was oral. We know some stories were chosen and others discarded because they didn't fit into the Canon. For somebody to place their
"believe" and "faith" in the Bible therefore is beyond ridiculous. The Bible could have been very different.

5. 95% of ALL media is shit. This includes 95% of all movies, 95% of all music, 95% of all books, 95% of all people you meet are shit and so on. For TV, the % is 99.999..... Therefore, be very careful what you let inside your head. Theodore Sturgeon came up with that law when he stated: "95% of all books are shit".

6. Communism/Socialism works fine and wonderful when it is allowed to. Even the fucked up human nature cannot botch it. Switzerland, Norway, Holland are proof of this. Discussion over.

7. War is the natural state of most animal species, peace isn't. Ants, jackals, lions, monkeys, apes also wage wars. Problem is, we humans got weapons that can obliterate ALL animal/vegetation life on this planet in 10 minutes flat.

8. All one has to do is study psychology to figure out why people act the way they act and what is the easiest way to control them.

9. There is no such thing as "Illuminati" hiding in some secret temple performing Satanic rituals and plotting to take over the world.

10. Symbols are everything. To test this, try making your own money and using them.

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