Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poor USA, ALWAYS getting attacked

Reading up on USA's history, a strange pattern emerges. It seems USA is a magnet
for attacks! Several major wars have been started because USA has been attacked
so many times in the past. Let's count them all:

1. USA/Spanish war started with the surprise attack on the ship The Main that was
in Cuba.

2. USA entered the WWII after the surprise(again) attack on the USA navy in Pearl
Harbor. Many many articles have been written proving that USA KNEW and basically
put their navy at pear harbor practically inviting Japan to attack it after
singing documents stopping Japan's flow of raw material.

3. USA/Vietnam war started after (again!) a surprise attack on ship that was in
the Vietnam waters. There been many questions surrounding this and weave found people lied about it; no Viet boats were seen

4. The "war on terror", oops that term is not being used anymore began when USA
was attacked by Al Queda.

Ok, once I understand. Twice, maybe. Three times i get suspicious. But 4 times
attacked? Sorry but that is too much of a useful coincidence the USA government
would use.

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