Monday, May 25, 2009

and the bullshit continues pouring forth...

So North Korea blows up something underground at some remote test site. We don't know what they blew up. In all actuality, it coulda been a few tons of TNT they put a match to. We dunno. Nobody knows and of course there is NO way of checking if there is any radioactivity getting released. Nobody got no way of checking anything 'cuz after all, North Korea is a "isolated secretive communist country with a leader that's a total nut job". Or so the scrips go. South Korea is in panic. The Japanese stocks markets sell off. The White House "condemns the explosion as a blatant violation of UN charter". And so on. Everyone is acting out a pre-written script. CNN and every other "news" site carries the news complete with some stock photos of erect penises, I mean big long rockets pointing upward.

Soon after, North Korea says they blew up a nuclear device, thus the news becomes "official" since they themselves admit it, right? So what are the North Koreans gonna say, their holy leader had indigestion and released a few strong farts? Of course they are gonna claim it was "nuclear" thus they become oh so dangerous in their own eyes and scare the world! Now they are big bad and they are nuclear! Hear them roar! So the new week begins.

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