Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The latest Mr Change decissions clearly proof he is nothing more than Shrub Jr Lite:

1. Changed his mind on releasing more prisoners abuse photos because his generals advised him "it will endanger the solders' work in the field"
2. Will now detain Guantanamo people indefinitely even if there is nothing to charge them with
3. wll restart with the military tribunals
4. Just today he said he is giving Iran "untill the end of the year" to show tey are willing to change or...or what? he will let the Israelis start WWIII?
5. The health reform is clearly dead because the system cannot be dismantled from the ground up and rebuilds from scratch.
6. Keeps on bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan killing hundreds of civilians in the process
Nothing more to be said. Only an idiot will believe Mr Change is any different than Shrub jr

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