Sunday, May 17, 2009

Putin is my man.

Yeah, I admit it. I like the effin' Russians, man. Putin is one of my current heroes. The guy is tough, no nonse muther effer and if you do something stupid or annoy him in any way you better watch your @ss 'cuz it's grass. There ain't no playing games with him. That's how things ought to be in Russia right now cuz Russia is in serious danger, contanstly being antagonized by the dinosaur NATO and USA both. USA has been playing games with Russia ever since the fall of the Soviet empire; they have been slowly taking position ALL around China and Russia, trign to encircle them both. If you don't see that you are a total fool. It's true that a country gets the leader it deserves, Russia got Putin exactly at the right time and Putin saved its sorry @ss.
Predictably, the corporate owned Western media hates Putin and paints him as a Hitler like tyrant. They have staged several incidents including the poisoning of that fool in UK and the killing of that woman journalist to accuse Putin of being a monster ego maniac who is killing "democracy" and 'freedom" in poor poor Russia. Oh booh hooh.
My theses is this: we MUST have laws and tough s too. Without laws and the strong police force to enforce them we got a lazy, shiftless population which thinks it has the right to do Whatever they want and is free to for example play their effing music at 10 PM at night or come into your house and rob you. Humanity needs tough hand and laws to guide it; there is NO question about it. I will argue that point with anybody who want to. Normally humans have very little discipline and would do things when if given the opportunity. I can see this clearly in Bulgaria where I currently live. Here the police force is so weak and ineffectual, they get beaten by teen boys and pregnant Gypsy women!
It is nice to live in a fantasy world thinking you got "freedom and democracy" but if you carefully begin to look around you and to think about how much rights you REALLY got you'd notice things ai'nt the way they keep telling you they are.

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