Saturday, May 16, 2009

Watching the Fall of an Empire, part IV

I like talking to Americans. They amuse me. They are always so sure things will improve because well because they have always improved in the past. I was just talking to my friend who returned to United Stupids of American after teaching English in the land of the Raising Sun for something like 7 years. Leaving aside the fact he left the wildest and coolest country in the orld to go back to (voluntarily) the dumbest and easily most ridiculous country in the world, his actions make no sense. (I wont even talking about his profession: the ONLY thing he was qualified to ever do was teach English! What an accomplishment that is!). I discussed the current "financial" crisis and Mr Change. As usual, my friend is STILL faithful and he is convinced things will change and turn for the better.

I guess Americans HAVE been hypnotized into believing a lot of crapola. But then the very words "believe" are explained in the dictionary as:

"to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully." therefore, no proof required You just go by feeling anome. Seems these people have been conditioned to not being able to think.

Yes the capitalist economy is cyclistic, meaning it goes up, then it goes down then it goes back ip again. So they believe things will eventually pick up and go back to up swing.
But if one takes the time to actually study the history of capitalism one quickly notices
capitalism is essentially a train wreak, with massive crashes happening at the interval of EVERY 5-7 years. What's even more noticeable is the intervals of down turns are getting shorter, and how the crashes happen every 5 years on average.

Here is the official gov data on post WWII recessions. Make note that since US gov has the habit of constantly lying this data is itself suspect and the recessions listed have most likely lasted much longer than officially listed and started much sooner too:

Nov 1948 - Oct 1949 lasted 11 months
Jul 1953 - May 1954 lasted 10 months
Aug 1957 - Apr 1958 lasted 8 months
Apr 1960 - Feb 1961 lasted 10 months
Dec 1969 - Nov 1970 lasted 11 months
Nov 1973 - Mar 1975 lasted 16 months
Jan 1980 - Jul 1980 lasted 6 months
Jul 1981 - Nov 1982 lasted 16 months
Jul 1990 - Mar 1991 lasted 8 months
Mar 2001 - Nov 2001 lasted 8 months
Dec 2007 - still ongoing, has lasted 17 months

So therefore the Americans argue, the downward cycle will eventually end as it has done many times before and good times will be here again.

Well, it's NOT that simple. In the past, USA has been able to exploit other poor countries. and when necessary to wage war against some 3rd world power to make some nice profit. Wars is more than profitable, USA learned during WWII Its is a necessary for its very existence. You will notice the ONLY decade during which USA didn't wage a war was thwe 1970s and wqe all know what type of economy was back then.

This is NOT the 18th century when USA was able to use slave's labor for free. This is NOT the early 20th century when they were abler to use their colonies such as Cuba for free. This is NOT the early 1950s when the r4est of the world was in ruin and USA was able to sue the Brendon woods agreement. This is not the 1960s when USA was waging war against poor Vietnam to make money/ This is NOT the early 1970s when USA was able to convince the Arabs to only sell their oil in dollars thus giving the dollar an artificial value. This is not the time when Nixon removed the gold and silver peg of the dollar making it flat freely. This isnt the 1980s when Japan poured billions into USA effectively saving its @ss. This isn't the 1990s when everyone

thought they will make money over fist from the Internet. This isn't the 2000s when Greenspan lower the interest rate to almost 0 and created the real estate bubble. These are different time ALL together. China is tired of buying USA useless Treasury Bond even with USA's triple AAA rating. Just in the last 25 years USA has turned form the biggest creditor in the world o the biggest debtor. Sure debt doesnt matter as long as somebody is willing to finance it.

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