Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watching the fall of an Empire, Part II

A report came out to day that the Social Security system will become insolvent in 3016, sorry I meant to say 2016. Ah wait, 2016?? that's like ONLY 7 years from now! What will happen is Social Security fund will then begin to pay MORE than it takes in taxes. That means two things: either the taxes will have to be raised or payments cut. By 2037, the Social Security fund will be all dried up. So to all those 30 something yo olds: start planing now about how you will live in 40 years from now hen you retire cuz all those promises the gov tells you wont amount to a pitcher of warm spit.
Of course, this is ALL bullshit. Social Security's problem is that the gov has been using it as a don't have to pay back piggy bank to finance its spending for the past 20 something years. Without dipping their dirty hands into the SS fund they would have had to borrow billions more dollars from their creditors China or japan or whoever other sucker they could find.
I wold like to ask my pal and his wife how they plan to live 20 years from now when he is gonna be 6 but why bother and waste my precious time. I got better things tio do such as reading my favorite comic books. At least get pleasure out of them, unlike listening to predicable answers from Americans.

On second thought: Mr Change has reversed his decision and will NOT release any more photos of prisoner's abuse. The comments on ABC are the worst part. Those obvious shills congratulate him, saying things such as Well, we don't need to see more photos, we know abuse was going on, and this will only inflame and help the terrorists and turn people against America!". Americans are beyond insolent and elf serving. They manage to ALWAYS somehow turn things around and make white into black and up nto down. But that's one of the few things they are good at.

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