Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days of Wonder

I have wondered for years and years why exactly those FBI and ATF guys got those gigantic letters in phosphoric yellow on the back of their jackets?

What possibler function does it serve? Or is it simply because they look great on TV when they are shown escorting some poor schmuck? It can't be for anything else, it looks too much like advertising shtick to me but then, what the heck do I know.

The classic wonder I have always had and NOBODY could explain it to me is WHY cigarettes and alcohol are allowed when we ALL know they ARE a drug that can kill and cause cancer AND all sorts of physiological and psychological problems but the good ol' mary jane is NOT allowed?

Another classic wonder i got is WHY Coca Cola and its products don't have any type of warnign labels on itself, when after reading the inexpedience it is fairly obvious the thing is as highly addictive as cigarettes? At least two ingredients in it are addictive: sugar and caffeine. Plus it's got all shorts of shit no thinking human would ever think of putting inside their bodies.

I finally figured why rappers like to be shown from bellow in their music vids. I used to wonder about that, but finally it downed on me. Thye look more threatening and dangerous that way, obviously. Shit, spent years mulling over this one.

Another wonder is WHY USA is only bitching and raving against counties what have the back gold in them and gas? USA keeps on making threatening moves against Iran, when North Korea according to popular knowledge (which I strongly disagree with for several reasons) got nuclear weapons already.

I wonder how much bullshit can the average sheeple take before it decides it has had enough and do something about it? Will it ever?


Anonymous said...

About the huge letters that the FBI carry on their backs. One possilbe reason... friendly fire. The US Military is well know for that.

petkov said...

What "friendly fire" in the middle of New York city??? errr, try again.