Monday, May 4, 2009

So I was right. As usual.

The predicted " world-wide pandemic" of when-pigs-fly flu never materialized, the new cases are steadily dropping and except for a few isolated few cases here and there seems the when-pigs-fly flu turned out as I said a n almost total dud and not much more dangerous that ordinary flu. Yet they are STILL at it, with newly invented scare warning that sound so dire yet are full of stale old smelly shite.

China quarantines entire hotel! A farm worker infects a whole herd of pigs in Canada!! CDC warms when-pigs-fly flu virus can mutate into a new more dangerous form!!! What if when-pigs-fly flue and HIV viruses combine??? and so on. Lie , lies and even more bold faced lies to confuse the population and make it stop thinking. Clue number 1: viruses ALWAYS mutate. That is how they survive after all.
The big question here is WHy are they doing this? WHy are they trying to scare us so much? What are they tryign to divert our attention from? My 1st guess would be that their so called capitalism is badly faltering. One of the biggest corporations on the planet Chrysler is to sell itself to Fiat, an European company! SO US is NOT #1 no more! There is probably smoem other weird shit going on behind the scenes. I wonder and worry. They are working on something. I can feel it. Something big that will fall on us and make us into bigger saves than we already are..

The EU parliament is working on new directives that will give the European ISPs the power to determine how many web sites we can visit per month and whcih web sites . making the internet nothing more than metered cable TV.
They are running scared. European Union is NOT much better than the fake US democratic system. They are just better dressed than USA and pretend to care more but in essence the ONLY entities the EU helps is the big corporations not the people in EU. Of course they MUST control the internet. They have to. From ramping pirating of everything in sight(movies, music, software, books, what is digital can be pirated) to dissident bloggers exposing their lies, they cannot afford to allow the Internet to continue in its present form. SO they will help their pals in big corporations first and make sure ordinary people's vices are muted. It's always enlightening to see the difference in Reality when government and corporate suits are talking on TV and when ordinary every day people get to voice their views. Seems the two views always happen to be diametrically opposite. Why is that? Are ALL the governments in the world corrupted beyond repair? Or has it always been so? I think it always has been so. What a sad sad state of affairs humanity is. Sometimes I imagine how at Cosmic Central our Earth is studied and observed and most likely shown as an example to civilizations of how NOT to develop and do things.

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