Thursday, May 7, 2009

the true Ron Paul

Ron Paul is nothing more than a media whore. I would see him commenting every time a "major"issue comes on; he shows on CNN or someplace, and it's always the same: a devil's advocate response. For a while I was taken in just because he appeared to be such a lone voice in the wildness, but I am suspicious and never fully bought the act, preferring instead to listen carefully to him and ignore the predicable devil's advocate shtick he uses. Eventually it turned out my instincts were correct. The guy is just another media whore, spewing the same "government has to be limited" line and offering nothing of real value and substance. "Socialized medicine", indeed Ron. USA claims to be the richest and MOST powerful country in the world, yet it is STILL the only one in the so called 1st world industrialized nation that doesn't offer its citizens ANY type of medical coverage. Yeah, using worlds like "socialized" shows your true colors, whore.

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