Thursday, May 28, 2009

N Korea, easily explained

The Western media portraits N Korea as an extremely dangerous country being ruled by a maniac bend on causing eternal trouble in the Far East while everyone else is running around being concerned and scared. As usual, the Reality is completely different. North Korea is isolated in an iron ring, living on international aid. It's technology is decades old, most likely 50 years. The Western is accusing N Korea of playing games when in reality everyone involved is playing games including the Chinese, the Russians, the Japanese and the USA. The Chinese like N Korea being there as a buffer against the
35.000 USA forces that are stationed in S Korea. the USA gets a reason to keep the solders in South Korea and about 65.000 and how many more in Japan and other places close by. The japs get to act scared and to maybe have a reason to start a nuclear program of their own. The Russians get to act concerned and station solders of their own close by. So what we got in reality is a nice stalemate that NOBODY wants changed, least of it the North Koreans government. It ends up in power when in reality their back is against the wall. Everyone wins, except the Korean people themselves, both "South" and "North".

Its obvious N Korea is being used by everyone else to further their own agenda. N Korean is hardly a threat to anyone, except their own population which is starving due to the heavy economic and political sanctions placed on the country(same as Cuba) Sure, they got some rockets they can use against South Korea. But obviously they are not stupid cuz they know the minute the rockets starts flying they ass is grass. The Koreans will never START anything no matter how much the West corporate owned media is trying to paint them as nutcases and suicidal.

the only card Koreans got left is the threatening card and they are playing it to the max of their abilities. The West of course is using their posturing to act all concerned and to scare its population. Witness how the USA is using the Koreans to place their useless and NON-working missile defense system in far away places such as Poland and to spend a big chunk of money (that could have been used to better the lives of its people) .
It is now a given that N Korea are "nuclear". Apart from two underground tests and the word of N Koreans gov, we don't really have any hard data it was nuclear tests at all. Nobody has been able to verify anything and nobody seems to be even trying. Where is N Korea going to get the equipment and the know how to do such a thing? They are literally starving, and live on the aid given to them by China and Russia and USA.
Nobody wants the situation changed. If they do it is very simple: begin by removing ALL economic sanctions against N Korea.
Open their borders, remove all the ships cruising in the waters near N Korea. Let them trade and do commerce just like everyone else can. This will surely remove the schizophrenic paranoid behavior the N Korean government is exhibiting. The rest will come on its own. But as I will say again, NOBODY really wants any real change. All they want is the satatus quo to stay exactly as it it.

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