Friday, August 28, 2009

Ted Kennedy: yet another circus performer with an enormous ego.

Sorry he is dead? Why? EVERYONE dies sooner or later. What's the big deal? The question is not about feeling sorry about a totally natural event but about how one has lived his life. Was Kennedy the great man the media is painting him as or was he just another career politician who knew how to cleverly find the right government job (and ALL really nice benefits that came with it) and didn't move from it for over 48 years because of a huge over blown ego? Sure he fought with the Republicans over many "issues". But since in a very careful analysis, the Democrats and Republicans are just diff faces of the same coin, most of their battles are just carefully staged circuses for the masses, all fury in really signifying little.

Strangely, I wonder what An Coultier would say if she write about him. She will most likely mention the car and the dead girl inside and the fact he never found it nessasary to report the incident to the cops and that he got away with it. If it was ME for example that this happened to, I'd have been thrown in jail so fast, my glasses would have been flying off my head. But since he was Kennedy, the case was dismissed and he wasnt charged with anything. Yeah I know, it happened long time ago. Well, at 77 I think he wa sold enough to retire but he didnt seem to find it necessary. Was it because he was doing such important job or was it because he didnt want to give up his seat and ego? Hopefully with his passing they can get some fresh young blood in there instead of an old fart who should have been put out to pasture
long time ago.

Why I am basing all this on? Well it's fairly simple, just like everything else is. looking at the way Congress has been voting for the past 50 years (through all the time Kennedy was in it) is clear they weren't "working for the American people" or representing them at all but mostly fort the big corporations and to ensure more power for themselves. All one has to do is look and think. It's not that hard at all. Really. try it for once, you thick skilled fuckheads and wake up finally. None of thse people are workign for YOU. They havent been for a long long time. Longer than Kennedy was alive for. If this is what a great man is, I'd take Charles Manson any day of the week.

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