Friday, January 8, 2010

Bullshit everywhere

I am literally drowning into bullshit thrown from me at all sites. The corporate owned media has decided the best way to attract our attention is to present us with scary but totally bullshit stories. The government is doing the same. I have to literally shut down my TV and exercise harsh control over myself to curb my habitual reading of the tons of webs sites that are supposed to serve me news, but instead only delver steaming piles of crappy poo poo.
Take for example the oh so scary news about Bacteria linked to feces found on soda fountains! Oh MY GAWD, it sounds so scary and disgusting! Total bullshit. Anyone who knows a bit about the real issue will tell you too much cleanliness is bad for our health; exposure to various bacteria and viruses straighten our immune system and make us healthier and ready to fight. It's a well known fact children from 3rd world countries are healthier and have a lot less allergies exactly becuase they have been exposed to so much dirt
their immune system has been developed much better. But no, we are given yet another bullshit story about scary news item that has little to do with the actual reality itself. I call bullshit.

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