Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China VS Google

The vilifying of China got into a high gear with the silly announcement by Google
that they might be pull out of China's market because they were hacket. Big Butch
didnt waste a moment and immediately got into the game by issuing a statmenrt and
demanding China gives an explanation. WHo the fuck is she to demand an explanation)
I have been watching China bashing for a while now. I clearly remember one
particularity silly example when obvious shills kept on posting images on 4chan of
how smoky Beijing was during the 2008 Olympic games. I quickly collected images of
smky LA, Washington DC and other cities and posted them in return. China has been
vilified almost weekly now all over the place; almost not a day passes on /.
without yet another China bashing article.

his is yet another brilliant tactic by the USA. it helps them create yet another
"enemy" and t divert the attention of their people away from USDA problems by pointg
at China and screaming: See, they are the bad guys who dont play by the rule while
we the good guys are Oh so helpless to do anything!"

The USA is using the Echelon system to spy on the world; No Such Agency
employs the largest number of mathematicians; I'm sure they used them for
aritmetics ryes. Remember the USA spy shop that was caught near China's water a
decade ago? USA syes on Chin as MUCH as they can; China is simply doing exactly the
same. This is all MORE China bashing and nothing more, pure and simple

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