Monday, January 11, 2010

"Capitalism" is clearly on its way out

All the economic data coming in is clearly pointing out how the so called "free-market" "capitalism" is clearly on its way out. Leaving aside the obviosuly ridiculous drivel of how really "free" the market of "capitalism" is, the main and rather important question here is what will replace this so called "free-market" "capitalism".
Or will the Western countries will try to save it again by starting up another world war. A major world war sill clearly be bad for business so I don't think they would want to do that except maybe as a totally last resort.
let's first define what this "free-market" "capitalism" is and isn't.

It's a debt-based consumerism where middle class lives mainly on credit by borrowing money created by small cartel of banks via frantural banking.
It's a system where money is fiat money and debit and not "real" money i.e. backed by gold or silver. It's a system where debt is continuingly being created becuaee this same cartel is giving credit to EVERYONE (including small, middle size and large) businesses, individual and governments. It's a system, where products are created using the cheapest materials and cheapest labor and sold for profit creating real money and taxes in the process.

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