Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China bashing in full force!!!!

I don't get mad or upset at the bullshit and oh so obvious propaganda the corporate owned media fills their web sites with daily but even this is way beyond what I call basic decency.
In the "article" if one can call a bullshit propaganda the writer claims China is taking Avatar off their screen because of Avatar's storyline which deals with imperialism. The article claims China is sensitive on the subject of "occupation of foreigner's lands" when the reality is USA is the one who have done exactly that when they forcefully evicted millions of Indi... sorry "Native Americans" off their lands and broke EVERY single treaty they ever signed yet the bullshit article makes it sound like China is taking that shitty Avatar movie off their screen for that very reason!

The writer had to make sure we get the point so he mentioned it twice, and gave us fiull explanation of the evils of China's regime when this has been the common practice of the Western world since 14th century at least.

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