Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Same old Hollywood movie scrips

I'm never gonna tire of repeating myself: Americans LOVE to live in a fantasy made up tra-lala world. Take the new editorial by Justin Raimondo: "The long war: who is winning".
Predicably, he begins the article with "8 years ago Ali Queda attacked USA with the attack on the Word Trade center". Right from there, I knew he will maintain the fantasy story line about Bin Alladin and his all powerful ALi Queda. Leaving aside the ridiciloness of this script, there is absolutely nothing new to learn from reading his drivel. But it's much worse than a waste of time; all it does is reinforces the Hollywood script the corporate owned media has been pushing, oh for decades now, yet he he likes to position himself as some kinda alternative to them. What a crock of smelly old shite.
His next step is to ask who is winning in this long long war, showing he is: 1 either a complete dumbo or worse
2 possibly a possible shill for the status quo.

Since this has never been a real "war", but just another imperial grab for natural resources, asking stupid retorical questions exposes what a total phony he is. The "war" is NOT supposed to be won; it is suppsoed to be dragged on as long as possible, thus creating the biggest possible profit for the military indistrial complex.
he drops Bin Aladin name yet again citing some fake message by the "evil one himself" yet again reinforcing the fantasy script. he continues vby isting all the fake and staged attacjks around the world, reminding us what danger we all are in. Ooooooh, scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... let's throw in the name of Ali Queda several time to make sure people really get scared!
he ends up by making sure to srae us about the dready future becuade we dont know what Ali Queda is up to so make sure you are scared, oh so scared!

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