Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Decade of Fear

so the first decade of the new century is about to end. Time for a reflection here. This has been the worst decade in maybe 50 years. It' wont be an exaggeration to name this the "decade of fear". Fear of the invisible but somehow all powerful Ali Queda who only show up on web sites, fear of a bearded diperhead man with the ridiculous comical name of Bin Alladin, fear of Antrax, fear of the crazy Arabs, swine flu, financial crisis, shoe bombers, etc etc etc. If you can think it, scare the general population with it. Fear is easy and fast. From psychologist Thimoty leary point of view, fear bypasses the rational ans logical higher parts of the brain and directly goes to the ancient reptilian part of the bran affecting basic functions. Easy as pie. Basic stuff. As a controlling weapon it's easy to spot tho; But since as I noted even logical and smart people will Stop thinking and revert back to their basic nature and will begin to say things such as "Let's nuke those ragheads" and other horrific bullshit. Very educational stuff indeed if one is willing to go above it all and view it as a big giant circus and study it.

Another thing that has become obvious is how globalization is quickly changing the world. Globalization has negatively affected the ordinary sheeple while making the rich cats even richer by moving the production cost down. Globalization has been killing the middle class in USA Europe and everywhere but at the same time created a brand new middle class in far away supposedly 3rd world countries such as India and China. The shift has been sudden and alarming. Or at least it should be alarming to the average sheeple who are seeing their lifestyle slipping away; that has made them scared and confused. And they should be scared. The nexus of power that I have observed over the centuries always moving west has finally placed itself in CHina. Like it or NOT, but China WILL be the next superpower. No matter what USA/ and EU do China WILL be the next superpower; it's inevitable. It's some kind of natural law that nobody can explain but only a few people actually see.
What's even more interesting how how well South American is developing economically. It's no surprise since USA hasn't been paying an attention to them, it this proves once USA stops bothering you and controlling you you can always do well.

USA itself is failing; the ONLY thing that will save it is to start up a world war. Europe is a dead museum, filled with middle class that's quickly losing ground. In contrast, South America and Asia are booming.

No wonder the average middle class sheeple is willing to to allow its government do whatever they want all over the world; witness how quickly they will swallow the bullshit fed to them by the corporate owned media about terrorist and Ali Queda. No matter how stupid the average middle class sheeple is, they understand very welll the fight is about their lifestyle and not about some fantasy movie vilain Ali Queda.

The other thing that has become obvious is the amount of shit entertainment. How much time the sheeple waste in simple mindless activities such as gaming, p0rn surfing and general idiocy. The rulers love it; Roman laid the law over 2 thousand years ago bread and circuses: when the bread is lacking, give more circuses. No wonder the average sheeple is getting dumber by the second; no matter how much wish fulfillment the left wing bloggers write about people waking up; it's exactly the opposite. The masses are drowning in cheap mindless entertainment and paying very little real attention to what's going on around them. The proof is in what total assholes they keep on electing each and every single time they go to the polls to exercise their "democratic" right.

What a joke the so called human civilization has become and from what Im seeing it will be getting much much worse.

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